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I’m pretty excited right now! Our ring bearer is a little boy I nanny for, named Ciaran.He dressed as a monkey for Halloween (I found the costume!) and, before he could talk, he would beat his arms on his itty bitty chest like a monkey, and say “Ooo Ooo!” It’s probably the cutest thing in the world. Forgive me for gushing, but I love this kid. Of course, when it came to be Christmastime, the natural gift-of-choice was his very first Curious George book, and now, he’s obsessed. I mean obsessed. I bought him a big ol’ collection, and since then, his parents have bought another compilation and a few smaller books, as well. He has lots of monkey toys– a stuffed George toy, and two other monkeys, named Harlow and Lowell.

He’ll be two just before our wedding, though, and I’m a bit terrified that he’ll be a little temperamental about getting down the aisle. If he doesn’t, that’s fine– we won’t make him wear a tux or anything; that’s a lot with only a 50% chance that he’ll deliver on the day-of. BUT, while trolling around on Etsy, I did find this adorable fabric at fabricsupplies shop that I think I’ll use to make his ring pillow!


How adorable is that?! We’re not using blue in the wedding, but really, I just can’t pass up the adorable monkeys!! We’ll send it home with him and his parents, since his room will soon be decked-out in a jungle scene.

I also found this one from MyHeartAndSew


I like ths colors of this one better, but I’ve developed a deep aversion to palm trees after going through a period of obsession in middle school. And, is it too much if I use this fabric from WinterWindDesigns for the underside?


OK. Yes, maybe that’s too much. But, as my friends would say, “We like the enthusiasm!” I was thinking of a circular pillow with a cute little button in the middle. And so, I found these at SewingRabbit‘s shop:

il_430xn_59178713One of these might look cute smack-dab in the middle, dontcha think? Lots of cute ideas for my favorite little boy– I’m OK with not matching, or a bit of corniness, if that makes Ciaran happy… and more likely to walk down the aisle!

You can just call me the Pacifier.


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I’ve been scouring the internet looking for an adorable and cost efficient flower girl dress. I love the Jim Hjelm design that goes with my bridesmaids dresses…fg_659_660

(the blue one.)

It’s a bit much though. I also love Annie Girl Couture, especially the Annie Girl Plays Dress Up page.  Still, the dresses are on the pricier side. So, I turned to every bride’s new best friend, JCrew. I fell in love with this adorably cute sundress,


but there’s really no difference in cost. My mother decided to take matters into her own hands, and searched “cheap flower girl dress.” I cringed. Of course, everything that showed up was piles and piles of tulle!! Eek!

We’ll probably end up with the JCrew dress, and maybe buy a flower from Annie Girl. I’m just so sad to say goodbye to the pleating  and color match on the Jim Hjelm!

I thought to show you some flower girl inspiration ideas my fiancee and I have– our FG, Paloma, is such a little ham! I was at a wedding recently where my aunt told me, “Don’t have little kids in your wedding! They’ll steal the show!”  I told her, “Only if they do their job right!” I’m dying to see what Paloma does– it will be a riot! Sadly, she’s not allowed to throw flowers. So, we’re having our florist make her a super cute pomander!


Our flower girl is not necessarily what you would call the girly type– she asked for a Spideman Scooter for Christmas. When we told our florist (whose work is absolutely to die for!) that she would be swinging this ball of flowers around her head, throwing it at people, playing soccer and potentially bowling with it, she decided that we’d make Paloma’s of silk flowers. I think that’s a good idea all around– and probably one of my DIY projects to come!

More from me later!

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