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One thing I haven’t blogged about yet– shame on me!– is our honeymoon. Brandon and I went around and around on our destination of choice, and finally came up with a conclusion: Hawaii!

We had a few criteria for choosing our honeymoon spot. Firstly, we needed ample amount of adventure. We’re not the sort who spend all day lying on the beach, as lovely and needed as that is. Partly my very fair skin keeps us out of the sun for long stints at a time. I love my time on the beach as much as the next girl, but we wanted other activities that would keep us busy and active– for two whole weeks. Yes, that was another qualification. We wanted a long honeymoon.

For as much as we wanted adventure, we also want guilt-free downtime. My cousins went to Australia. When I heard about their vacation, I instantly started checking it out online, drooling at the possibilities. There’s just so much to do! Although we wanted a long honeymoon, MA classes start up in late August, so we didn’t have that much time. Capping it at two weeks meant that Australia didn’t place as high on the list, because there’s more than is possible in two weeks. Hawaii is appealling, in that we can relax pool- or beach-side and not feel even slightly guilty. That’s what Hawaii is for!

We also wanted it to be a new place. We’ve both travelled quite a bit, so we wanted to make sure that we were both having a new experience. Ultimately, we chose Hawaii, which I have visited before. But when it came right down to it, a honeymoon is completely different than your eighth grade family vacation; my expectations are set for a brand-spanking-new travel experience. Also, we couldn’t imagine ourselves just up-and-vacationing to Hawaii. Paris was in the running for awhile, but it would be so easy to vacation to Europe, visiting Paris along the way.

Food. We need to go somewhere with yummy food. B and I are avid sushi lovers, so aside from visiting Japan, Hawaii came in pretty high on the list.

Travel and culture were both issues well. Being on the east coast, we can get to Europe quickly; the Caribbean doesn’t take much time either. From my experiences in the Caribbean, though, there isn’t much exploration to be done outside of the hotel. When I visited St. Maarten, the Bahamas and St. Thomas, we might leave our hotel for a restaurant, or local shopping, but those outings were few and far between. So, though we take a travel hit on trekking to Hawaii, the mobility and cultural experiences we could have outweighed the Caribbean.

So, Hawaii it is!!

We’re spending the first week in Oahu, and then being super-cute, puddle-jumping, jet-setting, island-hoppers, and making our way to Maui for week two of our spectacular honeymoon. This is the part of the trip that I’m way excited for. We have hikes planned on both islands, but we’re going to a traditional luau and snorkeling on Maui.

Here’s some shots of our hotel on Oahu, the JW Mariott Ihalini Resort and Spa:



And, from our second hotel, the Marriott Wailea in Maui:



hnmmc_phototour46Oh, I am so excited!

My cousin, Melissa, recently made a honeymoon registry– she and her fiancee are also headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon. I’ve been thinking about it, and really can’t make up my mind. She and William have both been living on their own much longer than B and I have, and so didn’t need as many essentials. We have a ton on our registries, though, so I’m not sure how I feel about adding another. Any thoughts on the subject?

Hope all is well in internet land!


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