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Over the past week or so, I’ve been thinking a lot about this conundrum. What am I really looking for in this wedding? I mean really. looking. for. I’ve found myself an absolute sucker for buy-in. Yes, I think, I must have the letterpress invitations; I must give out favors to all of my guests; I must must must do everything any wedding magazine tells me, because this day needs to be absolutely perfect.

The more I think about my attitude, the more disgusted I get with myself. This is a day about Brandon and I, and about the community which embraces and honors our commitment to one another. It’s a wedding. It’s a wedding, it’s not a photo shoot. I need not strive for perfection; no one will care about the shade of green that my shoes were even halfway through dinner. What matters is that our day is deeply personal.¬†Authentic. It shouldn’t matter to me that I think one of my FMIL’s requests is cheesy, because it’s about the symbolism of it. I need to continue to remind myself to embrace the authenticity of the event, even when things don’t go as planned.

Authenticity, authenticity, authenticity! This is my new mantra. And, really, the more authentic, the more absolutely perfect the day will be.


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Well, I’m an interesting sight right now.

I’m sitting at my friendly neighborhood Borders, perhaps my favorite thing to do on any given afternoon. Sitting in front of me is “The Complete Works of Emily Dickinson”, edited by Thomas Johnson, as well as my laptop. I’m currently writing a paper on Dickinson’s perspectives of God as the Angel of Death. Also in front of me is the April edition of Real Simple, a new mag addiction. Next to Real Simple is Colin Cowie’s “Wedding Chic,” a must-read, as well as Mindy Weis’s “The Wedding Book.” And what’s sitting on the very tip-top of the stack? US News and World Report’s Ultimate Law School Guide, an LSAT prep book, and this month’s issue of “The Economist.” My Google Reader is one-third wedding, one-third living, and one-third domestic and international news. On any given day, you might find me engrossed in Martha Stewart Living, or Hillary Rodham Clinton’s autobiography.

I don’t like to segment my life; I really don’t. But I’m finding more and more that this blog, and the wedding blogging world, provides a creative outlet that I don’t necessarily find in my final semester of classes or my professional grooming. ¬†And it’s nice. I’m rather beginning to enjoy it.

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