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I’m pretty excited right now! Our ring bearer is a little boy I nanny for, named Ciaran.He dressed as a monkey for Halloween (I found the costume!) and, before he could talk, he would beat his arms on his itty bitty chest like a monkey, and say “Ooo Ooo!” It’s probably the cutest thing in the world. Forgive me for gushing, but I love this kid. Of course, when it came to be Christmastime, the natural gift-of-choice was his very first Curious George book, and now, he’s obsessed. I mean obsessed. I bought him a big ol’ collection, and since then, his parents have bought another compilation and a few smaller books, as well. He has lots of monkey toys– a stuffed George toy, and two other monkeys, named Harlow and Lowell.

He’ll be two just before our wedding, though, and I’m a bit terrified that he’ll be a little temperamental about getting down the aisle. If he doesn’t, that’s fine– we won’t make him wear a tux or anything; that’s a lot with only a 50% chance that he’ll deliver on the day-of. BUT, while trolling around on Etsy, I did find this adorable fabric at fabricsupplies shop that I think I’ll use to make his ring pillow!


How adorable is that?! We’re not using blue in the wedding, but really, I just can’t pass up the adorable monkeys!! We’ll send it home with him and his parents, since his room will soon be decked-out in a jungle scene.

I also found this one from MyHeartAndSew


I like ths colors of this one better, but I’ve developed a deep aversion to palm trees after going through a period of obsession in middle school. And, is it too much if I use this fabric from WinterWindDesigns for the underside?


OK. Yes, maybe that’s too much. But, as my friends would say, “We like the enthusiasm!” I was thinking of a circular pillow with a cute little button in the middle. And so, I found these at SewingRabbit‘s shop:

il_430xn_59178713One of these might look cute smack-dab in the middle, dontcha think? Lots of cute ideas for my favorite little boy– I’m OK with not matching, or a bit of corniness, if that makes Ciaran happy… and more likely to walk down the aisle!

You can just call me the Pacifier.


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I’ve been thinking a lot about Church flowers. Initially, I’d wanted fresh flowers on all the pews. Let me refresh your memory of what our church looks like:


So… I counted at one point. But I’ve forgotten. All I know is that’s a long-ass aisle, with an exorbitant number of pews. It seats 750! You can hardly blame us, then, when I realized that fresh flowers on all of the pews was definitely pork spending in our budget.

Without shame, I present our solution: silk. Yep, that’s right, silk flowers. I’m going to do it, and it will hopefully is going to look good. My dear cousin also used silk flowers (and I wouldn’t have been able to tell!), and I trust her to-be-wed judgment best of all. I saw this picture on the Knot, and thought, of course I can make that!


I probably won’t monogram the cones– I just found out that my Aunt has a ton of them that her daughter used for her wedding– also with silk flowers. Since hydrangeas are a theme flower for the day, I’ll probably use them in my DIY fake arrangements. Also, I’ve seen real hydrangeas that I was positively convinced were fake. They’re a good flower to work with, I think.

I would still like to have some fresh arrangements in the front of the church, however. Perhaps some ferns; we can then pot them in our new apartment (which I must blog about soon!) OR, we can do themed arrangements, like these:


However, my mother and I are terrified that they’ll get lost in the huge expanse of the Church. It will be like Where’s Waldo? all over again! It’s just so huge that I’m afraid no one will see them, and we will have wasted our money. We can (and will!) recycle them, incorporating them into the reception somehow– perhaps at the gift table or near the place cards?

Our florist gave us a few very helpful hints when considering church flowers that I thought I’d pass along:

  1. If there’s more than one wedding at the Church per day, call the other brides scheduled to be married and split the difference of the flowers. Go with a simple white, and you can combine costs to use the flowers at the Church all day; then, donate the flowers to the Church. You may have trouble obtaining information about the other couples from your Church, but if they relent, you could easily reduce a $300 arrangement down to $100.
  2. For centerpieces in the front of the Church, consider using triangular bases, such that the Florist will only incorporate the flowers into the facade of the arrangement, like a set in a play. Since they will be facing front, from the altar, and the congregation will get no perspective on the fullness of the flower, you can use 1/3 the number of flowers as a normal arrangement. The downside of this idea is that you will not be able to easily recycle these flowers; the jig is up if the front-heavy arrangement graces the gift table.
  3. Don’t skimp on your bouquet. Get the most elaborate, beautiful and expensive bouquet that you can afford. Your attendants don’t need anything special. Aside from the pictures, their flowers will end up abandoned on a chair or table while they dance the night away. Your flowers, however, are a part of your ensemble. (And, traditional ettiquette dictates the groom’s family pays for the brideal bouquet!)  
  4. Lastly, don’t sink all of your money on church flowers. In the grand scope of the event, with the average wedding reception lasting 5 hours and the average ceremony lasting 1, the church flowers will be visible and appreciated for a mere 1/6 of the event. That’s so little time, and so little money to be wasted. Instead, opt for nicer arrangements at your reception, or more elaborate bouquets that will be appreciated by guests and your attendants thoroughout the event.

Next up: the reception.

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Even more than the Merion for our reception, I am absolutely in love with the Church that we’re having our ceremony in. B and I attend a small church in the city, whose permanent building– a loft– would not fit all of our guests, nor does it quite fit the bill for our rather formal wedding. So, we’re getting married in beautiful downtown Haddonfield.

Here she is!



So, there’s the exterior– I love the columns! I sense a DIY project ahead– I need to make some wreaths for those killer doors! Another outdoor feature is this breezeway. I love these arches– I hope our photographer gets creative with them!


The breezeway frames this garden: breezeway

Again, I’m so happy we’ve got an uber-creative photographer to do some lovely work at this site! And a b-e-a-utiful wedding party to photograph! What I keep reminding myself is that this is a wedding not a photoshoot. But I can’t help loving on our pictures and photographer when I look at my own amateur shots and daydream about what Kamila will do!

And now, for the interior. We have some lovely bridal suites for B and I to get prepared in (please ignore the ugly TV pushcart):


I’m sensing some sexy-bride pictures on that couch. Is that wrong in a church? B and his groomsmen will all “relax” in this room prior to the ceremony. Lucky ducks, they face the parking lot, so they have the pleasure of spying on all of our guests as they arrive. I’m kept in the dark.


Here’s a shot of the lovely foyer:


I get butterflies in my stomach just thinking about waiting there to enter the sanctuary and walk down the aisle. Nerves will be high, I’ll tell you! My dad is already quite emotional about the whole experience. Oh goodness, I won’t be able to stand still! I have to stop thinking about it now; I’m already so nervous!

We’ll walk through the double doors and enter this sanctuary: sanctuary-1

So so SO lovely! It’s just breath-taking. Initially, I didn’t want a long aisle. But then, when my mom and I went and visited, my desire for the drama-factor started increasing. Greatly. I also didn’t want a long train or a veil. But then, they put them on you, and I imagined walking down this aisle, and I was a puddle of goo that would have bought just about anything they put on me. I’m a little nervous about the green dresses contrasting with the red carpet– will it look like Christmas? Also, I don’t think it’s the most budget-friendly idea to add fresh flowers to the pews, especially since it isn’t a traditional Mass and the ceremony won’t last too long. But I do want something– are silk flowers tacky? I wonder if I can make some cute silk arrangements for the pughs— another DIY experiment will be on its way! I love how much natural light we’ll get in this church. We were looking for a place that could accomodate 250– when they told me that this space could hold up to 700, I nearly fell over.

I just love this church– it adds so much drama, and creates such a classy, elegant and traditional vibe. Thinking about that walk down that long long LONG aisle is making me knee-knocking nervous though, I must say. I have no real doubts about Brandon, or the wedding, or anything at all. It’ s just anticipating that moment… that once in a lifetime, see each other for the first time on our wedding day moment… just gets me so giddy!

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