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I’m joining the ranks of brides who have a few personal achievement goals to meet before the big day. Since before B and I got engaged, I’ve been growing out my hair. I’ve worn it short for the past four or five years, and so I’m ready to have it long again. I know that bridal experts suggest wearing your hair in a similar fashion to your everyday style. But, for our August affair, I’d really like to wear my hair up and off my neck. I don’t want a stiff-looking updo, definitely something loose and natural looking. But it still requires long hair. Here’s the progress so far!

Last March with two of my bridesmaids (Christie and Lauren)– ignore the flannel-ware.


You can see that my hair barely touches my shoulders. OK, so a little bit of work to do.  By the time I was in my friend and bridesmaid Melissa’s wedding in June, my hair was looking like this. This picture was taken on the way to her bachelorette party in Atlantic City.


Despite its very short length, a hairdresser was able to make it look like this…


Photo by Exposure Photostyle


Photo by Exposure Photostyle

Isn’t she just a beautiful bride?!

dsc04407B and I stole a few moments to take some pictures with my sister. This one is a bit blurry, but you can see what my hair is doing. I want it a bit more natural looking than this– I don’t usually do poofy things with my hair, but I think I’d also like it to have a bit of a wave like my hair normally has.

On the day we got engaged at the end of July, my hair looked like this…


(Brandon was excited in this picture, because he knew we were getting engaged and I still didn’t. How silly.) At engagement shots in November…


Photo by Kamila Harris Photography

And most recently, it looks like this!


I was very intent on making a hat at my cousin’s shower. Anyway, at this point, it’s past my shoulders in the back, but I feel like I have big swathy-chunks of hair from the front layers. What should I do about this? Is it OK to cut and put layers in, or should I just let it grow for the big ol’ day? I know it’s a small inconvenience– that is, hair that’s a bit of an awkward length at the moment– so I need to keep the end goal in mind. Any suggestions?

And, for those of you brides who have joined the Post-Wedding Chop club, is it worth it? Do you wish you’d kept it long? Recommend a new cut for a new life?


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Well, I’ve posted on Bridesmaids dresses, the reception and the ceremony locations. I’ve not posted about my dress, for it will remain a lock-stock-and-barrel secret until my wedding day. However, here’s what I’ve been thinking about floral design.

My florist, Janene of In Full Bloom, specializes in “intensely personal flowers.” She’s so great to work with, and I really enjoyed my time with her this winter. I won’t post bouquet options for myself, because as I came to think about my own bridal bouquet, there was truly no other option than white calla lillies. Beautiful, classy, a bit modern, but in traditional white. So chic. I also love the sharp contrast of the green stems– I think that will seperate the white of the flowers from the white of my dress.


For the bridesmaid’s bouquets, I have a special surprise in store. Also, when talking with my friend, Melissa, on the phone the other evening, she exclaimed, “I found your blog!” This brought on a few mixed emotions– surprise, for one– and also regret that I can’t share all of the surprises I have in store for them. However, here’s a few pictures that have inspired me for their bouquets.

What’s not a surprise is that they will all be all-white bouquets. I love the simplicity of white-on-white that my bouquet will have; I was having a hard time, however, finding an appropriate shade of green to accompany their dresses. So, it’s white flowers for us all!



I posted earlier about my flower girl, Paloma, and the pomander I’d like for her to carry. That idea is still my primary option, and will also be in the works as a DIY project.



I can make one of those, right? Power to the people! The question is– green or brown ribbon? I’m thinking brown. Thoughts?

Next up: Church flowers (another DIY project) and Centerpieces.

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The final bridesmaid dress has been chosen. My dear friend, Lauren, chose this Jim Hjelm design. It has pockets!!


It’ll be so cute on her– I love the babydoll waist, the assymetrical bodice. Each one of my bridesmaids is so unique– I’m so excited to see each of them in their dresses together!

I must say, I’m a huge proponent of asking each woman to choose her own dress. It really diffused the stress; I just hope I didn’t transfer too much of it onto them. I just couldn’t justify putting my 6’1″ bridesmaid in the same dress as my 5’1″ bridesmaid, or my double zero yogi in the same dress as my voluptuous double D bestie. It just wasn’t going to work. I asked them each to pick their own gold shoes, with a bonus prize going to the lady who picked the least expensive option. When it comes to the shoes, I was thinking:

Good Ideas

(Nine West from Zappos.com) 1396-832301-d


Bad Idea

(Promiscuous, from Zappos.com)


NO, thank you! We are not going for a “Gladiator-chic” look, thank you very much! I think they’ll get the point… 🙂 I love my friends.

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Two weekends ago, I went home to throw my cousin and bridesmaid, Melissa, a wedding shower for her May 9th affair. She and her fiancee both met while studying in a math Ph.d. program. Of course, as we considered what sort of shower we should throw for our dear Melissa, our mind immediately jumped to the most logical equation: a math themed shower.

We searched and searched– it’s hard to come up with math-themed anything! Here’s what we came up with… img_5294

We had pencils personalized; what better favor! Notice they’re tied with measuring tape.


My cousins Alison (a bridesmaid) and Abby made these yummy number cookies– check out the hearts in the frosting!



We strung together math flashcards for garklands, which we strung all around the house…


My sister Rachel and I spent hours cutting those numbers out of foam and painting them purple– it gives a pretty cute “Alice in Wonderland” feel, if you ask me.


The candy bar was one of my favorite features of the day! Those adorable boutiquey cupcakes were made by yours truly. For a closeup!


Of course, the bride was ecstatic! The shower wasn’t a surprise, but she was certainly shocked by the Math theme. She especially loved the themed menu– we served “Square Root Steak”, “Symmetry Salmon”, “Calculating Crabcakes”, and “X-, Y-, and Z-iti Axis”. Of course, she and I posed for pictures at the event… (I’m the blond one)



What a lovely lovely lovely weekend! It was so much fun to plan a party without having to be the center of attention– like the upcoming August soiree! Congratulations to the Lovely Bride!

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OK, one more down! My cousin Alison picked her bridesmaid dress recently. Here it is, another beautiful Jim Hjelm, from the Spring 2009 line.



Oh, goodness, what attractive attendants I’ll have!

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One of the first things I did once Brandon and I got engaged was pick my bridesmaids. In my opinion, having a support system from the beginning is absolutely essential– especially when they share in the fun! Over the past few months, I’ve asked them to select their own bridesmaids dress. I didn’t want to force my style upon them, at least, not too much. The dresses are all in sage green, with accents of celadon and/or chocolate brown. My sister, my MOH, will be wearing a floor-length gown, while my other bridesmaids will be wearing tea-length. Each dress is by Jim Hjelm; I told each BM that I wanted them to reflect their own style.

Here’s what they’ve chosen so far!

My sister Rachel, my MOH, will be wearing this gown:


My friend from college, Christie


My cousin, Melissa (this one is in the right color!)


My lifelong friend, Melissa (yes, two Melissas– this one is currently my favorite. After she picked it, she said, unprompted, “I like this dress because I think I’d actually wear it again!” Clearly, I could have died at that very moment and gone to bridal heaven.)



Each dress comes from Jim Hjelm, like I mentioned. What I love about them is that, even though the look isn’t totally cohesive, they completely reflect each woman’s personality, and they’ll feel comfortable in them. I sent them an email awhile back explaining my philosophy of bridesmaids– the more fabulous you look, the better you’ll feel! I want them each to be at their most beautiful, most glamorous, most spectacular, based upon how they each define the terms.

I’m so excited to see what my other two bridesmaids pick! It’s been fun to watch everyone’s style emerge! It’s definitely taught me that there are more important things to be holding on to than hemlines, like friendship.

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