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Now that spring fashion is upon us and in full-swing, I’ve been terribly excited to buy honeymoon-related clothing, including swimsuits. While I usually hate swimsuit season, I’ve been excited because now I have a VERY exciting reason to wear these skimpy little swimsuits!


on615107-12vliv011I love Old Navy bathing suits! I just think this green paisley print is really cute and fun and Hawaiin. It feels very tropical! I also got this cover-up to take me from the pool/beach to the cabana for drinks/meals.


This sundress is just so bright and colorful! Hopefully, it won’t make my skin look too awkwardly pale. It was really cute in the store, and then when I tried it on again at home! I can just picture myself walking around a lovely hotel, sipping a mai tai, enjoying my honeymoon and attractive new hubby. What fun!


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My mom and I have spent quite a bit of time over the past few months playing with our floral budget. Initially, B and I weren’t planning on having a videographer. We were very strongly urged to hire one from our family members, including my Uncle Fran and Aunt Maria who broke their wedding video out for their kids on thair aniversary. So, we played around with the money we’d allotted for florals, and had lots of conversations like, “Well, if we take two callas from each high centerpiece, then that should save us a total of…” Our florist has been absolutely wonderful to work with– she’s all over pinching pennies without sacrificing the style and look I love.  

That also means that we’re forgoeing on a couple of flower ideas, as well as DIY-ing a bit more. For example, we’re nixing fresh church flowers. My mom and I were frustrated about the price  of flowers for cocktail tables. Tiny bud vases with a single stem, which our guests would see for an hour and while on their way to the restroom, should not cost us much money at all. When we were crunching numbers, the overpriced cocktail budvases were the first to go.

Since I love a DIY project, I’ve come up with a few ideas of easy things that my mom, sister and I could do ourselves, along with any bridesmaids who care to lend a hand. Check it out!


This is shown here as a Centerpiece, so I’d have to hem it in size-wise. I love the citrus in the vase; nothing I couldn’t do myself with a quick trip to the food store!

I love the incorporation of non-floral elements. Like this apple.


I like this one, but I’m frightened by a few things. 1.) I have a lot of goofy uncles who might decide it would be funny to eat my cocktail-hour centerpiece. 2.) There are a lot of rowdy little boys who might decide it would be funny to throw my cocktail-hour centerpiece. And 3.) there are a lot of fussy people who might not have any idea what to make of my cocktail-hour centerpiece. On the other hand, the apple-nest in cheap, easy for me to do well in advance, and… well… cheap. Another reason I like it is that bar, I want to incorporate vases like these to frame the space of the bar.


Photos by Amy Squires on Style Me Pretty.


I love the apples in the vases! Especially because they work with our color scheme, as well as a potential… signature cocktail. Yep. There. I said it. The thing is, the little nest-apples aren’t my favorite, though I love the tall vases of apples (maybe a smaller vase of halved limes?). There’s also the idea of reusing the mason jars from the rehearsal dinner and doing something along the lines of these options.



As the night goes on and guests walk through the cocktail hour space, it will be nice to have the soft glow of candles.

Now, the one you’ve been waiting for. My very favorite.


So tiny, so simple, so unique. I imagine that I’ll have to plant the wheat grass myself– how long does wheat grass take to grow? A packet of seeds can’t cost more than $3 from a hardware/garden store. We’ll plant the grass in small, square glass votive holders, purchased from AC Moore, Michaels, or (fingers crossed!) the dollar store. $12. Then, we’ll make a run to Produce Junction the day before the wedding and pick up a bouquet of 2 dozen, barely open white roses, for the grand total of $9.99. Thus, I could have simply DIY cocktail hour centerpieces for $25, when I was initially quoted over $100. Haha! Triumph!

One really nice aspect of having the rehearsal dinner on Thursday night instead of Friday is that I’ll have a bit of time to get together low-stress DIY items– like the kind that involve flowers– before the bibg day. Friday will also feature some fun festivities…… but more on that later.

What about you? Can you manage to pull of DIY centerpieces the day before? Am I crazy, or is this a legit idea?

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Thought I’d try out a fun new look for the blog– let me know what you think!

Meanwhile, I’m listening to the following adorable iTunes Genius Playlist:

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

Foundations by Kate Nash

Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Imagine by John Lennon

Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

1234 by Feist

Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard, Once soundtrack

Linger by the Cranberries

Crash Into Me by DMB

Fire and Rain by James Taylor.

I sense a music post coming up… anyone else?

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I think it’s about time I more thoroughly explain the name of my blog.

My future husband and I are considering the option of mutually hyphenating our names. In our mind, a marraige is the union of two whole persons, two selves, into one cohesive unit. With the fusion of individuality comes an assumption of one another’s lives, families, traditions, values and spirituality. Thus said, I decided to hyphenate my name. I am not giving up my family, and thus myself, but rather I am assuming an additional family and reforming my sense of self and identity. My fiancee, then, feels it only right that his name by hyphenated as well, to further reflect our mutual commitment to each other.

Really, engagement is a hyphen sort of time. We’re stuck in between two worlds, no longer single, but not yet married. We do not live together, but spend the majority of our time thinking and planning for such a collission of worlds. I’m trying to learn how to appreciate that dash as a symbol of metamorphosis; soon, something new and beautiful and whole will emerge. This isn’t a time that I want to move too quickly through, as some essential development takes place now. I don’t want to be so focused on our future that I forget our present.

This blog catalogs my attempt to live in the dash, so to speak. To maintain an edge of social critique while managing not to get too bogged down in satin and lace, lovely as they are. Yes, I can search for invitations for hours with my mother online, and yes, I am an intelligent and capable leader at the same time. I can squeal at a beautiful calla lilly centerpiece, but I still care more about getting out of Iraq. I can enjoy my bridesmaids dresses and accessories, but I much more love the women that wear them and their current friendship. One needn’t be compromised for the other. I want to love the best of both worlds not through mere toleration of this phase of life, but through exuberant fusion.

Here’s to life in the dash, the hyphen.

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At midnight, my fiancee and I rung in the New Year with an excited kiss. “We get married this year!” we said. After nearly five years of dating, and 10 years of friendship, we’re excited to tie the knot.

We got engaged in July, and since then, the planning has swept me off my feet! Within days, I’d bought my dress, booked the reception, church, photographer, limousines, band, guest list and bridesmaids dresses. Years of pouring over Martha Stewart Weddings and Elegant Bride had taught me a thing or two. It wasn’t until I read an article about how-to and how-not-to host a wedding blog that I considered it an option.

So, here I am, writing the first post on the first day of the new year. This year will have lots of memorable moments: I’ll finish undergrad, I’ll begin my first graduate degree, I’ll share in the joy of friends weddings and celebrations; first Thanksgivings, first Christmases, and, of course, the big day itself. I certainly wouldn’t want it all to slip by without enjoying and processing every last bit! And so, blog I shall.

Happy New Year!

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