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So, I went back to Anthropologie to try on the dress that I blogged about before– you know, the turquoise number? However, when I got to the store, I was disappointed to find that my memory failed me. It wasn’t turquoise at all, but emerald green. Pretty dress, but I’m really not feeling the color. So, I’ve done some more internet searching, via Nordstom and Bluefly– and I still haven’t given up on Anthropologie. Here’s a few of my favorites!

This first one is from Anthro, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from shopping at Anthropologie, it’s that you need to try their clothes on before purchasing, unlike perhaps Gap.


My eyes are blue, so I’d really like to wear a blue dress. This one, however, from Nordstrom, is not blue, but I love it. This is my sister’s vote.


While I also like this dress, my fear is that it may look like an Easter dress from middle school when it’s actually on me. This Betsey Johnson dress from Bluefly, while whimsical, would have a different affect:


I will certainly continue looking, but I wanted to leave you with perhaps my current favorite dress from Bluefly. Wouldn’t you know it– I showed it to my sister, and she said, “That’s the dress that I wanted to buy!” I pulled the bride card, which I’ve only done on a few occasions, and told her that I  think I win when it comes to the rehearsal dinner. : ) I love it because I can wear those awesome yellow shoes I liked.


I love daisies. Absolutely love them! And while I didn’t want to wear a black dress, the very bright color in this one is beautiful. I love it! Perhaps I might be making a purchase very shortly. We’ll have to see!


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I spend more time than I should procrastinating online. Partly because I don’t want to do work. Partly because my mind is occupied by mostly wedding related things. And partly because I have no self-control.

One thing I enjoy doing, beyond looking at my Registry at a near-obsessed level, is checking out the spring line of dresses to find a Rehearsal Dinner dress. My favorites include Bluefly, Nordstom, and, of course, Anthropologie. I thought that I’d found the dress I wanted to wear at Anthro. I was a little wary of wearing a green dress- isn’t that a little campy? Wearing theme colors to the rehearsal dinner?

I tried it on in the store a few weeks ago and loved it, but was turned off by the color. Though I love it, I felt a bit too matchy-matchy. I kept coming back to it though, because I was a bit tired of not finding a dress I liked at any other store.

Here she is!


In this picture, it looks more blue-green. But in the store, trust me, it’s green. No doubt about it. It’s very cute– I love the sash, and the material is shantung with a chiffon overlay. While investigating online, I fell in love with these yellow shoes, by Nina, from Zappos. Yes, yellow shoes. Don’t ask me why, but I just love the idea of yellow shoes. Imagine them, with the dress above, and a sunflower in my hair.


Now, if the dress were actually the color that it appears above, I think it would be very cute. But, considering the color is a very bold green, I think I would look like a crayon. I love the shoes nonetheless; they’re also cute in brown, so I think I might just buy them.

Anyway, that to say, it’s back to the drawing board on the rehearsal dinner dress. This one is a great backup, but I’m just not sold as of yet. I’m pretty picky about the dresses I wear– they have to be just the right fit. The dress from Anthro happened to be just the right fit– just not the right color.

Where do you shop for dresses? Any rehearsal dinner must-haves? How do you feel about wearing white to the rehearsal?

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Well. Yesterday I did what I swore I would never do. I flipped into Bitchy Bride mode. I didn’t want this to happen; I like to think I’ve been fairly easy-going with this entire process. (I feel as though I should delete that last sentence right away. It reminds me of When Harry Met Sally: “You’re the worst kind. You’re high maintenance, that thinks she’s low maintenance.”) Yesterday, however, I realized that I hadn’t at all worked on the rehearsal dinner, and my mother-in-law was waiting on me to do the booking! Well, I panicked, since I figured the site B and I loved would have been booked. However, all was well in Restaurant World.

FARMiCia is an adorably chic restaurant in Old City Philadelphia. All of their produce and meat comes from a farming co-op outside of the city, assuring that the meat is free range and everything is FDA-Organic. I really enjoy this restaurant, because I think it really supports many of our ideals, including support of local business and farms (going to school in Indiana has made us fairly agriculturally aware). It’s location is in the heart of Old City, one of my favorite places in the world. Here’s a peak!





This is the space that (most likely) we’ll be using for our event. It seats just the right amount of people, so I’m hoping it works for us.



So lovely! It makes the drama and frustration of having it sprung on my like that dissipate. Looking forward to enjoying the yummy yummy food. I’m thinking I’ll wrap two or three sunflowers together with raffia and use mason jars for centerpieces, along with the apples that are there. Since we’re using green as a color for our wedding, the apples will help tie it together, I think. But, then again, it needn’t mimic Saturday’s blessed event.

One aspect that is a bit frustrating about the rehearsal is that the church requires our rehearsal dinner be held on a Thurdsday evening, as they have weddings in their facility on Friday night. It makes me feel bad for our attendants, who have to take an extra day off if they’re coming in from out of town. But, then, Friday will hopefully be less stressful, full of relaxing, and spending time with the people I love. Which is far more important than having to throw myself a rehearsal dinner.

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