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Thought I’d try out a fun new look for the blog– let me know what you think!

Meanwhile, I’m listening to the following adorable iTunes Genius Playlist:

I’m Yours by Jason Mraz

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson

Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg

Foundations by Kate Nash

Ironic by Alanis Morissette

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman

Imagine by John Lennon

Maps by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

1234 by Feist

Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard, Once soundtrack

Linger by the Cranberries

Crash Into Me by DMB

Fire and Rain by James Taylor.

I sense a music post coming up… anyone else?


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Two weekends ago, I went home to throw my cousin and bridesmaid, Melissa, a wedding shower for her May 9th affair. She and her fiancee both met while studying in a math Ph.d. program. Of course, as we considered what sort of shower we should throw for our dear Melissa, our mind immediately jumped to the most logical equation: a math themed shower.

We searched and searched– it’s hard to come up with math-themed anything! Here’s what we came up with… img_5294

We had pencils personalized; what better favor! Notice they’re tied with measuring tape.


My cousins Alison (a bridesmaid) and Abby made these yummy number cookies– check out the hearts in the frosting!



We strung together math flashcards for garklands, which we strung all around the house…


My sister Rachel and I spent hours cutting those numbers out of foam and painting them purple– it gives a pretty cute “Alice in Wonderland” feel, if you ask me.


The candy bar was one of my favorite features of the day! Those adorable boutiquey cupcakes were made by yours truly. For a closeup!


Of course, the bride was ecstatic! The shower wasn’t a surprise, but she was certainly shocked by the Math theme. She especially loved the themed menu– we served “Square Root Steak”, “Symmetry Salmon”, “Calculating Crabcakes”, and “X-, Y-, and Z-iti Axis”. Of course, she and I posed for pictures at the event… (I’m the blond one)



What a lovely lovely lovely weekend! It was so much fun to plan a party without having to be the center of attention– like the upcoming August soiree! Congratulations to the Lovely Bride!

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Well, I must say, my absolute favorite vendor thus far is my photographer, Kamila Harris. Here’s a few of my favorite engagement shots from our photo session this fall!

Why, yes, in fact. My shirt is from Anthropologie. Glad you asked! My mother bought me the necklace I’m wearing as an engagement gift– a mother of pearl, leaf shaped pendant. It’s beautiful, perfect for fall, and totally me. Ironically, I think that the shirt Brandon’s wearing also came from my mom– a Christmas gift from last year, perhaps?lb_1066


I love the coloring in this one, and how close we’re holding each other.



This one reminds me of the Beatles’ Abbey Road… I feel like a rock star. A rock star getting married.

This one is pretty artsy. I love it.



Classic shot. With a white picket fence!



And to end with two favorites:

Walking off into the sunset


And, lastly, the one. This reminds me of a Monet, water lillies (leaves) and all. This was taken not far from my home in New Jersey, and is absolutely breathtaking. My sister, who drives over this bridge on a daily basis, was shocked shocked shocked! when she found out where this photo was taken. It’s going to be framed. Hands down.



One of the things I love most about Kamila, in addition to being so fun and easy to work with, is that Brandon and I have full rights to our photos. Because I love them so so SO much, I embarked on my very first DIY project for our wedding. Using Blurb, I made our guestbook with images from our wedding! It’s huge, coffee table sized, and has a few pictures and LOTS of empty space on each page, for guests to sign, leave notes, draw pictures, etc. I love it because it will be more functional than a traditional guest book; we can display it in our house, rather than a satin, ribbon-clad guest book of yore. Also, what a great way to show off our beautiful engagement pictures!

I can’t wait to see the book. It was shipped to my home in New Jersey, not to my school address. So, sadly, I’ve got a while to wait. Until then, my digital proofs will keep me company.

Au revoir!

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